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Our Development Services

Development of transport packaging, charge carriers and POS presentation tools (mainly plastic) based on our clients’ requirements

  • Development of new products

  • Optimization and further development of current products

  • Pack’nlog either takes charge of the entire development process or supports the client’s internal development department

Market or process analyses for transport packaging and charge carriers

  • Assessment of market requirements and preparation of a professional briefing (incl. process cost analyses) for the products to be developed

Steering and/or supervision of the entire development process within project management, from the product idea to the finished product (design, sample, prototype, tool manufacture, production)

  • Advice and support to the client’s internal development department with devising practical solutions

  • Advice and support to internal product management with testing practicality as well as supervision up to market maturity

  • Advice for selecting companies in tool manufacturing and suitable producers for the products (i.e. contract manufacturers)

  • Support to the marketing department with the introduction of the product to the market and training of the sales department (i.e. prices, packaging, market opening, acquisition, etc.)

  • Lobbying and networking services for market implementation incl. opening doors to commercial and industrial companies

  • Management tasks and support/coaching of management/sales/technical department up to independent implementation