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Our cooperation partners

Together with our professional cooperation partners we offer you an extended service as a supplement to our products.

  • LBB is specialized in process cost analysis and reduction of process cost in connection with transport packaging and charge carriers. LBB develops efficient management tools for transport packaging and charge carriers and supervises their implementation.

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  • Edthofer

    Walter Edthofer

    Our partner company Walter Edthofer Management Consulting Logistics & IT looks back on over 20 years of experience in stock and materials flow management of transport packaging and charge carriers. One key focus is the development of new, and the selection and adaptation of suitable software tools already present on the market for the management of transport packaging and charge carriers (asset management) as well as their implementation. An efficient use of transport packaging and charge carriers can be achieved in connection with specifically selected business models adapted to the client in the supply chain process.

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  • Martinek

    Mag. Dr. Petra Martinek-Kuchinka

    KUCHINKA & PARTNER – The specialists for value-based B2B marketing. In order to remain competitive in the long run, companies must optimally manage the three main value drivers of their business: customer benefit, prices and costs. Focusing on just one of these value drivers causes a whole series of problems in the long run, which usually lead to a loss of competitiveness along with a reduced profit margin. Value-based B2B marketing offers a fundamentally new marketing approach and tools for the simultaneous management of the three value drivers. Kuchinka & Partner offer individual solutions building on dialogue as well as conceptual and methodical knowledge. We work on a project basis and offer interim management or expert coaching in order to optimally coordinate the three value drivers within the company. More strategies for long-run value growth can be found under

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